Glance At Microsoft Dataverse

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Data is the king…Data is what we know.

Source of this data is many, systems, services, applications etc. What this means? Data is center of everything that any business work with today. They Act, Automate and Analyze on this data to get insight into future. To enable these capabilities from various sources, this data needs to be stored, expose them via APIs and most important, handle security aspects, all these needs to be developed and integrated. Difficult times?

How to get these requirements done through easy to use, easy to manage, secure, scalable and compliant way?

Microsoft Dataverse for rescue!

Yes, “Microsoft Dataverse lets us securely store and manage data that’s used by business applications”.

Is that all the capabilities of Dataverse? Since the time I was a developer, if someone ask me how I want to store my data… my answer was “TABLES” …!

Microsoft Dataverse formerly known as Common Data Service act as the backbone for Microsoft Power Platform, o365 and Dynamics 365 applications. This is cloud-based, low-code data service and app platform, which enables to leverage security and connectivity of various Microsoft services.

The data is stored based on components like, tables rows and columns.

· Table is a set of rows and columns

· Column is designed to store a certain type of data, such as name, age, and so on

Dataverse have base set of tables called standard tables that cover typical scenarios, we can also create custom tables to suite specific business needs. So, just like any other database technologies such as SQL, but it is more than just that. We can build apps, workflows, processes out of Dataverse.

Let’s now unbox Dataverse and see what’s in it?

To summarize Microsoft Dataverse is a cloud-based data storage and management platform which enables connectivity of Microsoft suite of products such as Power Platform, Office 365, and Dynamics 365 applications. It easily connects to all products within Microsoft Power Platform so that entire business process can be fully controlled and automated. Further, more powerful and scalable solutions can be built with standard tables and columns, and by defining relationships between the data.

This is a beginner on Microsoft Dataverse. In the upcoming articles we will deep dive into Microsoft Dataverse and it’s wide areas and capabilities.

Thanks for reading!



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